Beautiful surroundings passing from day to night. Transition happening in the town of Las Galletas, Tenerife in the Canary Islands as I waited for fireworks during a local festivity.


These cookies come in packs of three… Trio of best friends reuniting after 15 years…. Simply unforgettable!


Having gotten my Venezuelan passport renewed whilst in Spain is most definitely a Victory. I’m not even planning to go there anytime soon, but considering how difficult our government makes it, I really… Sigue leyendo


Ornate architecture somewhere around Madrid…


  During this Halloween weekend, this is what a treat rather than a trick looks like to myself. Good book, some of one of my favorite desserts and me time…


Tattoo done with love and care by my brother in-law to a significant other.


  Handwritten note from mum to remind me to take my lunch, a snack and laboratory samples. Just a simple piece of paper can hold such meaning for me as it shows the… Sigue leyendo

Happy Place

This is where I go when I need to think, restore and recharge myself. This is my beautiful and bright happy place!


And this is it for this week’s photo challenge. Beautiful Lola just looking out the window wishing she could go out for a walk in the city of Malasaña in Madrid, Spain.


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: change. This was taken during a retreat on the day of fasting and silence; meditating by the fire and just letting it do its thing… Oh… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge. As I waited for the gong meditation concert to start and carry me away for some time…


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge: Monochromatic !


My weekly contribution to the photo challenge.

From Every Angle

Weekly contribution to the photo challenge; portraying myself for a change! I normally have all my pictures taken on my right side as I call this my “good side” but at times you… Sigue leyendo

Today Was a Good Day

My contribution to this week’s photo challenge!


And I thought this sign outside a street restaurant was very creepy!

Beneath Your Feet

My contribution to the weekly photo challenge. An entire world beneath my feet. I love taking these shots and I have a full album I call “grounded”.


This week’s challenge is all about inspiration so I decided to post a picture of my niece and nephew who are simply the two most inspiring people in my life right now. They… Sigue leyendo

Close Up

Get-well soon! My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: close up After I broke my foot and went on leave a colleague sent this my way and it meant the world to me.… Sigue leyendo

Half and Half

And these are the two halves of a beautiful coastline near my parents’ house. I hope you enjoy my contribution to this week’s challenge!


I know this is a classic (cliché) contribution to the weekly photo challenge, but definitely one of my favorite symbols. For me this is a symbol of meditation, peace and spirituality.


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: door


My weekly contribution to the photo challenge. Flowers are my muse and i keep coming back to them because I just think they are so beautiful. I find them inspiring because as ephemeral… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly challenge: ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). This is a reminder of this stage of my life in which I need to help myself… Sigue leyendo


My This week’s challenge. Visiting the beach during winter wearing a long skirt to cover myself from the cold. It was sunny and beautiful but cold… I just love the feeling of the… Sigue leyendo