Archivo mensual: octubre, 2013


This is the first apartment in which I lived after moving out from my parents’. I really love the energy of this place and how I feel in this new “home” and it… Sigue leyendo


I have never been able to enjoy the full changes of seasons because of the places where I have lived, so I was happy to visit Green Park during a trip to the… Sigue leyendo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The line where the sea of clouds meet the sky…. I’m in love with infinite nature and those cotton clouds… My days in this beautiful island make me realise how lucky I am… Sigue leyendo


Sólo porque los árboles mueren de pie. Y los bonsais, también… After my ex broke up with me he left me this bonsai for me to take care of. He gave me instructions… Sigue leyendo

Release Me

I am free to decide… I don’t know why I like this shot of me so much but I guess it is because it makes me feel like I can surrender to the… Sigue leyendo


This is what community looks like to me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinity around Spain and the UK… Just love my pics of the horizon and the way that endless line to everywhere but nowhere at the same time….


I just can’t get enough of these!! Not a big fan of cookies  but these are my absolute favorite along with the Farmridges Verona & Sugar cookies. I could eat up entire packages… Sigue leyendo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

And so this is how my day starts out. My way of focusing on the positive and being thankful for all the blessings in my life. Mimi and Alex Ikkon call it “the… Sigue leyendo