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Ornate architecture somewhere around Madrid…


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: door


Can you see the size relationship highlight? Take a second look if not, so you can see this is scaled!


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge: angular. This is an angular view of Tower Bridge in London, UK. I was lying flat on the floor to take this and thought it came… Sigue leyendo


This is my pic for today’s assignment! I know I have previously posted this in the Infinity album, but can’t help but to love this shot. I took this picture during a trip… Sigue leyendo


A view of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for today’s landmark assignment. I just love this shot I took and it reminds me of my incipient skills in something I am so passionate about… Sigue leyendo


This is the first apartment in which I lived after moving out from my parents’. I really love the energy of this place and how I feel in this new “home” and it… Sigue leyendo

See through

Vitral en un restaurante de La Orotava. Esta foto la tomé en Junio del 2009 durante una visita que hicimos en familia a ver las Alfombras de flores de La Orotava. (Tenerife, España)

Parque del Drago

Esta foto también la tomó mi padre hará un par de años. Parque del Drago en Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife, España)