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Having gotten my Venezuelan passport renewed whilst in Spain is most definitely a Victory. I’m not even planning to go there anytime soon, but considering how difficult our government makes it, I really… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge. As I waited for the gong meditation concert to start and carry me away for some time…


My weekly contribution to the photo challenge.

Close Up

Get-well soon! My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: close up After I broke my foot and went on leave a colleague sent this my way and it meant the world to me.… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly challenge: ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). This is a reminder of this stage of my life in which I need to help myself… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: Enveloped.  This is a package of my favorite mini-cookies that contains smaller packages of them in it. I used to eat these for a snack every… Sigue leyendo


  My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: Intricate. Handwritten affirmations that serve me as a good reminder of who I am and where I want to be. Do never underestimate the power… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: wall


And so this is my interpretation of serenity. Have always loved Zen gardens and would have a real one at my place if I could… Also some good reminder to live, laugh and… Sigue leyendo


Just because I do stuff like that, keeping track of my goals and dremas and working on myself every single day….


Welcoming the Christmas season with this decor as seen through glass…

A pop of color

A pop of color for today’s assignment. I really love this decor around my place and especially those with moons and stars motifs. The penguins kissing are of course a symbol of love… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge: achievement. My drawing of a mandala and ready to take next steps and give it color. All my tools on the table! I just love when… Sigue leyendo


One of my favorite games ever representing today’s assignment: connect.


And with this ring I told myself I “love to love you.” I bought this for my wedding during a self-esteem retreat in 2012. Most people thought I had gone crazy and the… Sigue leyendo