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These cookies come in packs of three… Trio of best friends reuniting after 15 years…. Simply unforgettable!

From Every Angle

Weekly contribution to the photo challenge; portraying myself for a change! I normally have all my pictures taken on my right side as I call this my “good side” but at times you… Sigue leyendo


This week’s challenge is all about inspiration so I decided to post a picture of my niece and nephew who are simply the two most inspiring people in my life right now. They… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: broken. I fractured my foot and had to be rushed into hospital. I had never broken anything before but this was the result of anxiety pills… Sigue leyendo

Express Yourself

Just me! One of the most authentic and genuine expressions of happiness I can ever remember seeing in my face. This was a selfie I took during a spiritual retreat in Vilaflor, Tenerife.… Sigue leyendo


My interpretation of double.


These are the tiny feet of my nephew and niece as they were 17-days and 1-month old respectively. My life is so much better since they are around, and I have learned so… Sigue leyendo


It’s a swarm!. Venezuelans protest for their rights, peace and freedom.


Special birthday moment of making a wish and blowing the candles… Just showing some brotherly love as he looked so inspired…


This is my idea of mystery! I’m one of those romantic people who happens to think silhouettes are beautiful… These are my best friends when they visited some years ago


I’m glad about today’s assignment as it gives me the opportunity to say that for me solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is being alone because you choose to, while loneliness… Sigue leyendo


And this is in memory of my grandmother, who died unexpectedly due to a terminal disease. Al filo de la madrugada prendió la luz de la mañana y escribió en papel una y… Sigue leyendo


I have confidence in me

Release Me

I am free to decide… I don’t know why I like this shot of me so much but I guess it is because it makes me feel like I can surrender to the… Sigue leyendo