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Tattoo done with love and care by my brother in-law to a significant other.


  Handwritten note from mum to remind me to take my lunch, a snack and laboratory samples. Just a simple piece of paper can hold such meaning for me as it shows the… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: change. This was taken during a retreat on the day of fasting and silence; meditating by the fire and just letting it do its thing… Oh… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to this week’s photo challenge: Monochromatic !

Today Was a Good Day

My contribution to this week’s photo challenge!


And I thought this sign outside a street restaurant was very creepy!

Beneath Your Feet

My contribution to the weekly photo challenge. An entire world beneath my feet. I love taking these shots and I have a full album I call “grounded”.


My weekly contribution to the photo challenge. Flowers are my muse and i keep coming back to them because I just think they are so beautiful. I find them inspiring because as ephemeral… Sigue leyendo


My This week’s challenge. Visiting the beach during winter wearing a long skirt to cover myself from the cold. It was sunny and beautiful but cold… I just love the feeling of the… Sigue leyendo


So this week is all about an orange collage!


My take on depth I just love this picture and I took it at a friend’s house in Arrecife, Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain). His house is portrayed in some of those touristic postcards… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to last weeks’ photo challenge: Shadowed Selfie pic at a pretty deserted place near to my home. The heart was already there so I thought it would make a nice shot,… Sigue leyendo


This is my contribution to one of the weekly phto challanges: warmth Some of those sunny afternoons at the beach whilst meditating and enjoying myself and the ocean…


My contribution to this weeks’ photo challenge I just love to put flowers on my table on a monthly basis; ‘cause you ain’t need a man to do that for ya!

Gone, but not forgotten

In its most literal sense, my contribution to this week’s photo challenge: gone, but not forgotten. This was taken in Fulham, UK. I know it is a bit bcreepy but I spent an… Sigue leyendo


Finally on my way home after a huge delay due to severe weather conditions in Leeds, UK. This was most definitely a great triumph.


After finishing my first Rebirthing cycle in mid-2012 I got myself this card deck from Katie Byron as part of my self-development work. Along with many other inspirational and support tools, these cards… Sigue leyendo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The line where the sea of clouds meet the sky…. I’m in love with infinite nature and those cotton clouds… My days in this beautiful island make me realise how lucky I am… Sigue leyendo


This is what community looks like to me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinity around Spain and the UK… Just love my pics of the horizon and the way that endless line to everywhere but nowhere at the same time….

Keep Walking

Paseo en Playa de Las Américas (Tenerife, España)