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Last week’s photo challenge Where Mount Teide collides with the sky, the horizon, the clouds and mountains in the foreground… I love how this picture came out, ‘cause I’m a crack like that!


Finally on my way home after a huge delay due to severe weather conditions in Leeds, UK. This was most definitely a great triumph.


My interpretation of double.


These are the edges of the stones in Stonehenge, England. My contribution to Photo101 assignment: edge I’m glad I got to visit this place as it was one down in my bucket list!… Sigue leyendo


Welcoming the Christmas season with this decor as seen through glass…


My contribution to today’s assignment for landscape. This was at a lookout point in Anaga, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)


It’s a swarm!. Venezuelans protest for their rights, peace and freedom.


Special birthday moment of making a wish and blowing the candles… Just showing some brotherly love as he looked so inspired…


This is my pic for today’s assignment! I know I have previously posted this in the Infinity album, but can’t help but to love this shot. I took this picture during a trip… Sigue leyendo

A pop of color

A pop of color for today’s assignment. I really love this decor around my place and especially those with moons and stars motifs. The penguins kissing are of course a symbol of love… Sigue leyendo


This is my idea of mystery! I’m one of those romantic people who happens to think silhouettes are beautiful… These are my best friends when they visited some years ago


My image of warmth using the sun as the source. I’m always ready to take pics of the sunset because I just love them. This was taken in Las Americas, Tenerife (Canary Islands,… Sigue leyendo

the natural world

The natural world


A view of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for today’s landmark assignment. I just love this shot I took and it reminds me of my incipient skills in something I am so passionate about… Sigue leyendo


One of my favorite games ever representing today’s assignment: connect.


I’m glad about today’s assignment as it gives me the opportunity to say that for me solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is being alone because you choose to, while loneliness… Sigue leyendo


This is what bliss looks like to me. Just a quiet place near the ocean. Most definitely my favorite place to meditate.


This interpretation of water reminds me of a great adventure with my relatives while watching dolphins swim in their natural habitat and just being in contact with nature.


Street shot around the neighborhood.


This is what home looks like to me during this time of my life.