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Finally on my way home after a huge delay due to severe weather conditions in Leeds, UK. This was most definitely a great triumph.


My interpretation of double.


These are the edges of the stones in Stonehenge, England. My contribution to Photo101 assignment: edge I’m glad I got to visit this place as it was one down in my bucket list!… Sigue leyendo


Welcoming the Christmas season with this decor as seen through glass…


These are the tiny feet of my nephew and niece as they were 17-days and 1-month old respectively. My life is so much better since they are around, and I have learned so… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to today’s assignment for landscape. This was at a lookout point in Anaga, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)


It’s a swarm!. Venezuelans protest for their rights, peace and freedom.


Special birthday moment of making a wish and blowing the candles… Just showing some brotherly love as he looked so inspired…


This is my pic for today’s assignment! I know I have previously posted this in the Infinity album, but can’t help but to love this shot. I took this picture during a trip… Sigue leyendo

A pop of color

A pop of color for today’s assignment. I really love this decor around my place and especially those with moons and stars motifs. The penguins kissing are of course a symbol of love… Sigue leyendo


This week’s weekly photo challenge and what minimalist looks like to me. A burst of color amidst plain foreground.


Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year and I have always enjoyed the season to be holy and to share with family and friends. When I was a child… Sigue leyendo


And this is in memory of my grandmother, who died unexpectedly due to a terminal disease. Al filo de la madrugada prendió la luz de la mañana y escribió en papel una y… Sigue leyendo


I have confidence in me


And with this ring I told myself I “love to love you.” I bought this for my wedding during a self-esteem retreat in 2012. Most people thought I had gone crazy and the… Sigue leyendo


This picture was taken by my ex-boyfriend during a catamaran trip to Ushuaia, the end of the world in Argentina. It was amazing to see this place and be in the far end… Sigue leyendo


Food for the Soul (and the Stomach). Simply enjoying those small things in glass of my favorite wine along with one of my favorite Venezuelan dishes during X-mas time… In the quietness of… Sigue leyendo


After finishing my first Rebirthing cycle in mid-2012 I got myself this card deck from Katie Byron as part of my self-development work. Along with many other inspirational and support tools, these cards… Sigue leyendo


Un claro conflicto entre dos tubitos de chocolate de distintas marcas. Yo sin duda me quedo con la Ovomaltina!


This is the first apartment in which I lived after moving out from my parents’. I really love the energy of this place and how I feel in this new “home” and it… Sigue leyendo


I have never been able to enjoy the full changes of seasons because of the places where I have lived, so I was happy to visit Green Park during a trip to the… Sigue leyendo


Sólo porque los árboles mueren de pie. Y los bonsais, también… After my ex broke up with me he left me this bonsai for me to take care of. He gave me instructions… Sigue leyendo

Release Me

I am free to decide… I don’t know why I like this shot of me so much but I guess it is because it makes me feel like I can surrender to the… Sigue leyendo


This is what community looks like to me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinity around Spain and the UK… Just love my pics of the horizon and the way that endless line to everywhere but nowhere at the same time….