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  Handwritten note from mum to remind me to take my lunch, a snack and laboratory samples. Just a simple piece of paper can hold such meaning for me as it shows the… Sigue leyendo

Happy Place

This is where I go when I need to think, restore and recharge myself. This is my beautiful and bright happy place!


And this is it for this week’s photo challenge. Beautiful Lola just looking out the window wishing she could go out for a walk in the city of Malasaña in Madrid, Spain.


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: change. This was taken during a retreat on the day of fasting and silence; meditating by the fire and just letting it do its thing… Oh… Sigue leyendo


My weekly contribution to the photo challenge.

From Every Angle

Weekly contribution to the photo challenge; portraying myself for a change! I normally have all my pictures taken on my right side as I call this my “good side” but at times you… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: Enveloped.  This is a package of my favorite mini-cookies that contains smaller packages of them in it. I used to eat these for a snack every… Sigue leyendo

Forces of Nature

This is my weekly contribution to the photo challenge: Forces of Nature.   This is a huge tree found in Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands) and it is called “Pino Gordo”. It is 9,36… Sigue leyendo


  My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: Intricate. Handwritten affirmations that serve me as a good reminder of who I am and where I want to be. Do never underestimate the power… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly’s photo challenge: motion. This was taken during the performance of “Life” show in Tenerife.

Early Bird

Contribution to weekly photo challenge: Early Bird


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: afloat I found these wild blackberries as I was exploring a beautiful corner of the Island around Icod El Alto in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). They… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to last week’s photo challenge: Blur!


My contributin to this week’s photo challenge. A good Spanish seafood paella  for my 30th birthday! I love seafood and gotta love paella too! Enjoying life with the family while we can and… Sigue leyendo


Freshly picked peas and tomatoes from my friend’s backyard vegetable garden! Gotta love nature!  


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge: wall


So this week is all about an orange collage!


This is just one of the many meanings of reward to me! A cup of tea and a caramel crep; one of my favorite treats ever after a tough day…

Rule of Thirds

And this is my weekly contribution: rule of thirds! One of my favorite spots in El Medano, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) as the sun goes down… I could just sit there and stare… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to the weekly photo challenge Taken in Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote. I just think this is a beautiful theatre!


Can you see the size relationship highlight? Take a second look if not, so you can see this is scaled!


My take on depth I just love this picture and I took it at a friend’s house in Arrecife, Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain). His house is portrayed in some of those touristic postcards… Sigue leyendo

Express Yourself

Just me! One of the most authentic and genuine expressions of happiness I can ever remember seeing in my face. This was a selfie I took during a spiritual retreat in Vilaflor, Tenerife.… Sigue leyendo


And so this is my interpretation of serenity. Have always loved Zen gardens and would have a real one at my place if I could… Also some good reminder to live, laugh and… Sigue leyendo


My contribution to last weeks’ photo challenge: Shadowed Selfie pic at a pretty deserted place near to my home. The heart was already there so I thought it would make a nice shot,… Sigue leyendo